This is us

Our main goal is to meet the demand of fresh and frozen fish. Backed by our long tradition and skills, we presently stand as a growing and sustainable firm in the market.

Welcome to Pescados Ibáñez

An eighty-year experience

A long family tradition that spans for over eighty years has positioned us as a reliable partner with the capacity to offer quality and a variety of fish.

Why us?

The authentic flavour of the sea

In Pescados Ibáñez we guarantee the quality of our products backed as we are by family tradition and experience.

Our Vision

We aim at positioning our firm as a leader in the fishing sector, thus establishing a difference with the rest of competitors based on setting strict standards of quality.

Our Assignment

We aim at guaranteeing superior quality in raw material, shipping, pre-production and production.


Our facilities cover an area of 9,000 m2, with a freezing capacity of 120 tons per day and storage space for frozen products of 4,000 tons.

Do you want to work with us?

Send us your CV and we will contact you.


We care for the environment. We apply measures to optimize production and reduce residue. We recycle.

√ We eliminate residue through authorised agents.

√ Subproducts unfit for human consumption are ultimately converted into fish flour.

√ Our photovoltaic plant contains 1,200 modules, with a total power of 528kWp.

The investment in these installations reduces costs in the firm and speaks in favour of our commitment to environmental issues. It has all been done in total agreement with national and international environmental laws, which allows us to avoid a yearly emission of 119.47 tons of CO2. We contribute in this manner to increase environmetal sustainability and social awareness for the care of the environment.

Purchase Policy

Regulations / Fishing Policy

√ We abide by international law on fishing practices.

√ We abide by the code of conduct for fishing as established by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization):

√ We comply with the European code of good practices towards responsible and sustainable fishing:


Pescados Ibáñez S.A. has been a beneficiary of the Kit Digital program financed by the European Union-Next Generation EU.


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