Pescados IbáñezDealers in fresh and frozen fish

Established in the market, as we are, as a growing and sustainable firm, we have been dealers in fresh and frozen fish for over 80 years.

Customer Service

We are fully committed to our customers and the sustainability of the sea.


We are backed by an experience of over 80 years as dealers in fish.

Superior Quality

Our personal working skills allow us to offer our customers the best quality available.

Welcome to Pescados Ibáñez

An experience of over 80 years avails our firm

A long family standing tradition of over eight decades has made us come forward as a reliable partner with the capacity to offer quality and variety in fish.

Our service

The Authentic Flavour of the sea

Our processes of production and conservation guarantee ultimate quality.


Our plants offer a freezing capacity of 120 tons per day, both in static tunnels and IQF (Individual Quick Freezing).


We offer a storage capacity of over 4,000 tons for the conservation of our products in temperatures that range from +25º to -25º (degrees centigrade).


Our own line of trucks guarantees quality as we reduce to a minimum the time elapsed between download and processing at the firm
Our partners work daily to ensure due delivery in the best conditions.


We are specialised in processing species, with or without pre-elaboration. We deal both with frozen and fresh products, thus guaranteeing at all times the full satisfaction of our customers.


The personnel and the use of our sensitive machinery in Pescados Ibáñez ensure correct classification and dosing. We elaborate fish as required by the customer.


We rely on a service of brokers established at the sea markets of the main national and international ports.


Our quality management relies on permanent contact with specialised organisms and laboratories, thus ensuring quality, healthiness and safety in our products.

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